Andrew Ellem A Movement Professional

Andrew Ellem (Far Left)

Andrew Ellem is the Owner/Operator of Pivotal Health and Fitness a personal training studio based in the suburb of Hughesdale in Victoria, Australia. An Ex-Navy Officer with a passion for innovation in the field of fitness it comes as no surprise that he has been in business for over a decade now and is still growing.

With a great crew of trainers Andrew and his team are always looking at ways to cater programs to each and every clients specific needs, rather than throwing the same old template at each person that walks through the doors.

A couple weeks ago Andrew stopped by to compete in our weekly podcast Miscellameous, so we took the opportunity to pick his brain on the fitness industry.

Check out what he had to say below…

Tell us a little more about what Pivotal Health and Fitness is? What programs do you offer, how long has it been running, how many employees, etc.

Pivotal has been my PT business for over a decade now. Which is really cool because the average lifetime for a PT is somewhere around 12 months so we have well and truly passed that mark.

I started out franchising at one of the bigger gym chains. Then they changed their management over and things turned south, so I opened up the studio in Hughesdale (Victoria, Australia) and haven’t looked back. Most of what we do is 1 on 1 personal coaching but we also have a few pairs and small groups that see us too, as well as a bigger early morning group so plenty of variety. In our current space there is 3 of us plying our trade which includes myself, Curtis who is a former Paralympian and World Champion as well as Jarred who is an MMA fighter looking to turn Pro.

What led you to pursue work in the fitness industry? Have you always been an active person or is it something that came as you got older? 

I’ve always been relatively active, I played sports when I was in my younger years but dropped of a bit through the latter years of high school. Then it picked up again when I joined the Navy after school. When I left the military my elder sister was a manager at the gym I touched on earlier and it was through her I set myself on the course of accreditation and then a position as a PT after that.

Pivotal Health And Fitness – Studio

What formal studies have you done and how beneficial have they been to you? 

PT’s are required to do Certificate 3 and 4. Which in my opinion is a bit of a joke as the course content is very VERY basic.
That’s why after I had completed those I also completed my Diploma which was much better and a lot more thorough. Although it’s not until you take it upon yourself to do some further learning (which you are required to do to maintain registration) that you actually get to the good stuff. There are courses that teach you how to use equipment and they can be a good way to get your ongoing education credits but you rarely pick up the valuable information from these day courses (beyond the tool itself). The best courses I’ve done have been the ‘OD on Movement’ mentorship, PTA Global mentorships 1 & 2 and the Institute Of Motions mentorships.
These courses are the ones that have change the way I go about my coaching.
If you had to really sell what your business does to someone, what is the one point of difference you would use? What is the ‘x-factor’ that makes Pivotal standout?

We engage in client centred training. It is all about you. How you feel and what you want as well as what you need. A lot of places may claim this but they simply put you through the same cookie cutter smash session as everyone else.

We’ll ask you a few basic questions about things like sleep, hydration, food, stress and movement (a daily readiness observation or DRO) and pending what state you’re in we’ll alter the intensity of your session. So at the end of the session we’ve done the best possible thing for YOU. That might be a hard working interval session, or it may be a sub threshold mobility session. We’ll do this every time a new a client comes in.

We also strap you into a Heart Rate monitor so there is no cheating the system!

Outside of Pivotal what do you do to keep active and fit? Any personal sport/fitness achievements you are particularly proud of?

I have 2 young children that i like to take out into the forest, usually to see waterfalls and climb trees. I also like to get out and explore the mountains myself. This includes a bit of trail running mixed with climbing and hint of orienteering. I’ve also started a new social media page on Instagram and FB called ‘Moving in Nature’ which is all about doing exactly that. I really enjoy putting the content together for that project.
My most recent achievement was locating a waterfall called Cameron Falls which is hidden in the Toolangi state forest. I took one of the more difficult routes to find it, but find it i did. That was tough but very rewarding!

What advice do you have for someone who needs a bit of a push to get moving?

Find something you enjoy. People who come to us range widely in their likes. Some enjoy the hard-work of lifting heavy things and others just want to play games. Both approaches work but the important thing is the enjoyment factor.

If you enjoy it you’ll be more willing to do it. Failing that, call us for some accountability 😀

Lastly for someone who is looking to forge a career in the fitness industry do you have any words of advice?

Get certified through PT Academy. Their course content is probably the best out there at the moment. Then find yourself a career trainer (like myself) and see if you can be mentored by them.
Check out all of Andrew’s socials below and be sure to get in touch with him and his team if you are need of some fitness motivation!
Instagram – @moving_in_nature
Facebook – @pivotalfit
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