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We sat down with Jack Kennedy from proud Bendigo based band ‘Jack And The Kids’ to see where their journey has taken them since they formed back in 2014.

With a couple sweet singles released and a stack of shows under their belts they are geared up to tackle 2017 in a big way!

So I guess the biggest thing is that you recently signed with up and coming agency ‘Willow Artists’ how has it been so far? What led to this happening and what made it feel like the right move?

We started working with Willow Artists about 6 months ago and so far it has been really fun. I met our manager (Chris Salce) when JATK first started playing shows around Melbourne a few years back, so that planted the seed for our future relationship. We then just kept in touch over the years and he booked some shows for us in late 2016, which then naturally progressed into him managing us.

The Willow Artists roster launch is coming up are you getting hyped for that? It looks like a killer line up and at a pretty rad venue as well!

We are really excited for the launch show at The Workers Club. It’s our first Melbourne show for the year and The Workers is such a cool little room to play as well. The line up is really solid as well, Orches played at our Melbourne Single launch show last year and we are looking forward to playing alongside him again as well as the other acts.

It seems like it’s been a busy past 12 months, what are some highlights of whats been going on? 

 2016 was a really special year for us, recording and releasing our two songs ‘Real Again and ‘Alone’ would be at the top of the list of the highlights. Winning the Triple J Unearthed competition to play at Groovin’ the Moo was also amazing, and getting support slots for sweet acts like British India and Castlecomer were great fun too.

What’s up for the next 12 months? Anything to get excited about?

We are releasing some new music very soon, we’ve also got some show’s to announce and later on in the year we are set to release an EP, so yeah plenty to be excited about.

Now you mentioned you’ve released a couple tracks so far, if you had to pick one of them which would be your favourite and why? 

It’s a tough decision this one, but ‘Alone’ is probably the favourite. It’s a really fun song to play live and has a special theme behind it. The song is all about the changing of times and places not being what they once were.

I really like the way you explained the theme to that song, it’s great when bands put a little more thought into the writing process.

When it comes to the writing process is the whole band involved or is it more of a solo effort? Does it change from song to song?

It probably differs from song to song to be honest. The way our writing process always starts off is that I will record a demo and then send it to the other members for their input and ideas. Then it goes from there.

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It’s a regularly asked question but it’s always a good one, what are the main influences for your music? You have such a chilled out vibe are your influences similar or completely different?

The modern day artists that influence our sound are bands such as The Temper Trap, Birds of Tokyo, The Jezabels, City Calm Down and Gang of Youths – pretty much anything we hear that’s emotional, and has massive guitars and synths has an influence on our music and sound.

We all love punk music. The sounds of the 90’s and 2000’s are a big inspiration to our tunes. Bands such as Silverchair and Blink 182 have been an inspiration over the last couple of decades for each of us.

What do the band members do outside of music? Do you all have full time jobs or is music the main focus? If it isn’t, do you wish it was?

We are all currently living the dream and either working full time or studying (haha).

Like most artists that are on the same level as us, we would love it if music was the main focus but for the time being we are happy where we are at. With a lot of hard work and a bit of luck you never know what could happen.


Very true! You just never know when that big break might come along.

Now for some quick fire questions! 

If you could play alongside any band in the world who would it be?


Top 5 songs you have on rotation at the moment? 

D.D DUMBO – Toxic City

Gang Of Youths – What Can I Do If The Fire Goes Out

Fountaineer – The Cricketers

Camp Cope – Keep Growing

Phoenix – Love Like A Sunset, Pt.2

What was the last concert you went to? Good or bad?

D.D DUMBO, Theatre Royale, Castlemaine – It was an absolute mind f*ck how talented D.D and his band were!

D.D.Dumbo - Utopia Defeated
Cover Art – Utopia Defeated by D.D.Dumbo

Country life or city life?

Country Life for sure.

Last thing before we let you go, for those out there that want to learn more about Jack And The Kids where can they find you? 

We are on Apple Music, Spotify and all of the other streaming services.

You can also see us do our thing at the Willow Artists Roster Launch on May 28th at The Workers Club in Fitzroy.

Lastly our socials are;