Bodega • A Clothing Store In A Convenience Store’s Skin

Bodega Store Boston
Source: Boss Royal

Bodega, a shoe, cap and clothing retailer in Boston, has applied the narrative that informs what products they design and sell to the presentation of their store. The result of this is a truly unique customer experience that has helped Bodega become a landmark in the retail apparel industry.

As explained in the above video by, Oliver Mak (Bodega’s founder) was inspired by stories of anarchists in the 1970’s who would shoplift luxury brand items and resell them with their own branding sewn on. As well as relating to the numerous collaborations Bodega has with other brands, this narrative has also informed the design of the Boston store’s shopfront.

From the street Bodega looks like any other convenience store. As you enter the charade continues; there’s a functional register area, fridges stocked with various beverages and shelves filled with a variety of everyday household goods. After all if you’re bootlegging high fashion you’d be mad to have everything out on display. To access the real store you must find the secret doorway, something which Bodega have almost successfully hidden from social media.

Creating a unique customer experience like this is key in 2017 for physical retail stores who want to compete with online sales. It’s no longer a case of having the best pricing or the best products, it you want people to visit your store you have to offer them something they can’t find online.

The photos below were nabbed from Boss Royal’s article on Bodega. Give it a read if you want a more personal account of the store although it does contain the secret doorway spoiler!

Bodega Store Boston
Source: Boss Royal
Bodega Store Boston Interior
Source: Boss Royal

If you know of any other stores with a sweet narrative drop us a line here or in the comments below. We’re always keen to hear how individual stores are making themselves stand out in a super competitive marketplace.