Bogut Lands At Cavs To Get That Second Ring

Image Source: USA Today Sports


This last week has seen Australian big man, Andrew Bogut, make one of his toughest decisions to date. After weighing up reported offers from Rockets, Celtic and Cavs he ultimately made the call and decided to go to a Championship ready side in the Cavs to try to get that second ring for his collection.

For those that have somehow missed how this all went down let’s backtrack just a little. Bogut started the season at Dallas and although his averages weren’t the worse (3 PPG, 8.3 RPG, 1.9 APG) he was struggling to find the space he was after, which then lead to him being used as trade bait. The 76ers had Nerlens Noel who was at the top of the list for the Mavs organisation, so off he was shipped. What happened to Bogut once he landed in Philly was not the Mavs’ concern.

Now this is when it all got a little interesting. Before Bogut could even check out the facilities he immediately started to shop around for a new home as the intention was never to settle down in Philadelphia. As mentioned earlier there were a number of potential suitors but the Cavs, although significantly squeezed salary cap wise, were after some older heads for their line up to steady the team for a strong tilt at another championship. The first move the decision makers at Cleveland made was to bring in Deron Williams who could offer some stability off the bench if he continues to stay fit. The second play was to get some additional strength in their centre court area.

Even though technically the Cavs have some solid big men already in Kevin Love and Tristan Thompson it is worth pointing out that K.Love is due to spend some time on the sidelines so a lot of pressure would have been placed on Tristan Thompson which could have potentially ended up being counterproductive for the team. That is no longer an issue with Bogut coming across as he provides them with a great back up option in the centre position and he’s someone with a strong finals mentality which will only help them in a big push for back to back championships this year.

From a spectator point of view it sure is going to be an even more interesting finals series if the Cavs and Warriors end up going head to head again. We have no doubts that Bogut would love to get one over the team that saw him surplus to requirements at the end of the 2016 season.