Australians Agree Coles Brand Ready Meals Are $3.50 Well Spent

Coles Brand Ready Meals
Source: Coles Facebook Page

How much do you need for a tasty and easy to cook meal from Coles Supermarket?

I Need About Tree FiddyDamn straight. The results for the 2017 Product of the Year awards came out the other day and I was stoked to see Coles Brand Ready Meals included on the list.  Although the whole range was featured anyone who has tried the meals would know that the butter chicken is by far the best option in the entire freezer, not only in the Coles range. Clearly I’ve had some experience with frozen food and I imagine a few of you aren’t impressed by this, but let me let the scene for you:

You’re 26 years old and have been working part/full time since you left high school. Rather than intelligently budget your eight years of earnings you blew through the majority of it on beer, cabs and car loans with little consideration for your future. Now that you’re not bout that life you realise that you’re woefully behind where you want to be and the only way to change your circumstances is to dramatically decrease your day to day spending. Gone are the days of buying breakfast, lunch and dinner, you now cook everything at home but as you moved to a cheaper apartment (to save on rent) you no longer have a dishwasher and some nights you really cbf doing the dishes. Rather than splurge on a quality restaurant meal you turn to the supermarket freezer to treat yourself. With low expectations you set the microwave to 3, medium brown, and prep yourself for an uneventful meal all the while thinking about what a great job you’ve done minimising your spending. The microwave dings, you peel off the plastic cover (and swear loudly as the hot steam rolls over your hands), pour the contents of the meal into your bowl and wait the mandatory four minutes for the food to be even remotely cool enough to eat. You take your first bite and… and damn son! That butter chicken is fine af!

14,205 people voted Coles Brand Ready Meals one of the top products for 2017 and I certainly would have done the same if I was a part of the survey. If you’re now keen on giving them a go I recommend you take note of the following tips:

  1. At $3.50 these things are a steal. Occasionally I’ve seen them discounted; if you come across one like this you’d be wise to check the used by date.
  2. The packaging always high balls the microwave cooking time. I usually go for about four minutes, take it out, give it a stir and feel for any frozen bits, and chuck it back in for a minute or two if needed.
  3. When you’re tipping the meal into a bowl make sure you tip the rice in first to avoid molten hot butter chicken sauce flying all over the place. Or spoon it into the bowl, whatever.
  4. The sweet and sour chicken is good too but you can taste the chicken more than you can in the butter chicken. I assume Coles don’t use the best cuts so too much chicken taste can be a bit distracting.
  5. I’ve never had their beef meals so don’t hate on me if they’re awful.

If you have a thrifty meal tip you’d like to share with us fill out our contact form here. If we get enough of them maybe we’ll put together some sort of thrifty meal tip mega guide so you’ll never go broke buying food again!