Ed Sheeran X Stormzy • When Grime Met Pop


The music world now more than ever is repeatedly breaking down boundaries and stereotypes from Lady Gaga performing alongside Metallica to Nelly featuring on a ‘country’ track by the boys from Florida Georgia Line (Ok not the finest example haha). One recent instance though has caught the attention of a large percentage of music lovers due to how seamless it was.

If there is one musician with the midas touch it is most definitely Ed Sheeran. The man can do no wrong and he proved this by teaming up with UK – Grime – artist Stormzy at the 2017 Brit Awards for what was an outstanding performance. The fast-flowing lyrics of Sheeran synced in perfectly with Stormzy’s rapid fire rhymes as Ed launched into his latest No.1 single (surprise, surprise) ‘Shape Of You’.


It was definitely no surprise that the crowd loved every minute of the performance, and Stormzy lapped up every bit of it. You could actively see his confidence grow and grow with every cheer the crowd gave out.

I think the key part of this most recent collaboration is that the genre of Grime is generally seen as quite underground and is very heavily UK owned. Sure, it has been in the mainstream eye before through Dizzee Rascal and Wiley in early 2000’s but it always seems to fade from prominence.

With that in mind could Stormzy be the artist who breaks through and maintains appeal on an International level? It seems he’s aiming to be that guy and I wasn’t surprised that his debut album ‘Gang Signs & Prayer’ dropped soon enough the collaborative performance. I think utilising the star power of Sheeran is an extremely smart move and one that will definitely give his release a nice big nudge in the right direction.

In terms of us here at Mountain Thousand, we give the release a definite two thumbs up.

Check it out for yourself below.