This Video Explores The Evolution Of Film Opening Titles From 1915 To 2014


The opening titles of films are often despised (“Just play the movie already!”) even though they play an important part in presenting the film and the key members of the production, such as lead actors and the director, to the audience. The fonts, animations, background imagery and music are all used to compliment the film and prepare the viewer for the experience while paying tribute to those involved. This video from Danielle Del Plato takes you on a journey through opening titles from films released between 1915 and 2014.

While films have become increasingly complex over the years, the presentation of the opening titles has remained more or less the same throughout history. Even in the 1930’s filmmakers were using text overlaid on moving imagery and animated text in their titles. These techniques are still popular in modern films, albeit more refined than those seen in King Kong (1933) and My Man Godfrey (1936).

So what will opening titles look like in another hundred years time? Probably the same but with a butt load of ads. I guarantee it.