Ewan Roxburgh Modern Gaming Guru


On this weeks episode of Miscellameous we had Ewan Roxburgh (Host/Contributor) from Press Start Australia take on Andy Ellem (Owner/Operator) from Pivotal Health And Fitness. The boys had to really put their anime knowledge to the test as they tried to work out which plot lines were real or fake!

You can check out who was victorious when it is released on June 20th at 7pm (AEST) right here.

In the meantime we took some time out with Ewan to find out what life as a gaming guru is like, and laid down some tough questions. Check it out below!

So Ewan, I’d love to know what led you to working for Press Start? What did you do schooling wise, if anything? Is this something you would love to become your full time occupation?

My interest in video game journalism began as soon as I learnt it was a real profession. Granted, it’s a challenging field to get into — a challenge I still am very much grappling with in terms of making it full-time. I’ve always had an interest in playing video games and writing (so writing about video games was a no-brainer) but in recent years it’s gradually evolved into a love for more production orientated work. I suppose that’s very much the change the field is undergoing anyhow. Media classes in high school, along with sources of inspiration already working within the industry, encouraged me to start podcasting with my friends a little over 3 years ago.

I eventually befriended the Founder and Managing Editor of Press Start, Shannon Grixti, whilst I was in Year 12 and the site was still independently run. Later that year, I applied for writing positions they were advertising, however Shannon was more keen on me coming on to host their podcast. By the time I ought to have been studying for my final exams, I was recording V/O for video reviews. I owe Shannon more than I could ever repay for giving me the opportunity to chase my dreams.


Press Start seems to be growing at an awesome rate, how fulfilling is it seeing the work you and the team put in continue to receive more and more recognition?

It’s incredibly exciting! As a team, we celebrate every little victory and milestone, but constantly have our mind what might be next. The community around the site continues to grow not only in number but in support. We pay very close attention to their feedback and what matters to them, so we provide them with the Australian video game content they care about. Without the passion and dedication of the Press Start Team but also all the Press Starters out there, we wouldn’t be able to do everything we can do today.

Prior to being a part of Press Start did you play many game consoles already? Or did the love come with becoming a part of the team?

Absolutely! As far as video game critics go, I’m relatively young (a fact I’m all too conscious of) so my first video games were not Mario on the NES, but Crash Bandicoot and Spyro on the original PlayStation. I’ve not set the controller down since I was about 3 I reckon, and I’m doing my best to replay the classics I missed in the years before my time!

There has been some interesting announcements coming out of E3 this year, what were ones that really stood out to you? Thoughts on the Xbox One X? 

E3 was accused of being a bit tame this year, but honestly I was blown away by the sheer number of games that grabbed my interest. I’m also a big Star Wars fan (surpise, surprise) so I’m really keen on Battlefront 2 obviously, but BioWare’s Anthem, Marvel’s Spider-Man and the next Wolfenstein game also caught my eye. I could go on too, trust me. My wallet’s going to get a workout come Q4 this year.

As for the Xbox One X, I’m a little mixed. I think it’s probably pretty good value for money if you want a little more out of your game graphically, but like the convenience of a console. If I were in the market for a new console, I’d be tempted to go either the Xbox One X or its rival in the PS4 Pro, but otherwise I’m perfectly content with my OG PS4 and Xbox One. Honestly, I’m of the opinion that if you care all that much about visual fidelity and framerates, you’re far more worthwhile investing in a PC.

Ok now for a couple hard hitting questions, if you had to play one console for the rest of your life which one would it be and why?

Oooh, that’s a toughie! It’d be hard to go anything other than my PS4 at this stage I reckon, especially considering I could play right though the Uncharted series and the Last of Us on it. I do have a soft spot for my PS2 though. If I still had friends to play with in this god-awful, one-console-only apocalypse I’d have to go with my PS2. The library there is insane, especially considering the PS1 backwards compatibility (when that was still a thing) – but I’d probably be content playing split-screen Conquest on Battlefront 2 all day long.

So the PS2 is your decision if life was limited to one console (good call in my books!), now how about if you had to play only one game for the rest of your life which one would it be and why?

That’s just as hard at the last one! The first one that springs to mind would be the Witcher 3, purely because it would give me the opportunity to actually see everything in that game. I played over 50 hours of that game without completing the main questline. With over 200+ hours worth of quests, and a super robust trading card game built into it, that’d take me some time!

Lastly is there any new projects Press Start related or not that you are working on and where can everyone stay on the pulse of everything you do?

I still host our weekly video game discussion podcast – The Start Cast – which you should find on whatever podcast service you use (Also embedded below for your listening pleasure). We love people getting involved with that and tweeting us their topics and/or questions. Otherwise you can follow me on Twitter –@Ewan_Roxburgh or Instagram – @Ewan_Roxburgh for everything I do, and Press Start on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Twitch and YouTube @PressStartAU to keep up with everything we do there.