Transform Boring Facebook Ads Into Rad Ones From The 80’s With Social Ads Vintage Edition


Back in the day Facebook was great for sussing what your mates were up to and letting them know when you’re hella drunk or think that something is the bee’s knees. Then Facebook ads and sponsored content came along and ruined everything. Ask anyone these days about their Facebook experience and I bet the majority would say something like “It’s fine but I feel like I’m scrolling through a bunch of crap before I reach anything meaningful or interesting.”

So what can I do about these annoying af Facebook ads? By simply installing this nifty Google Chrome extension from Aurélien Fouache and Alain Bretillot for Kindai, you can replace Facebook ads with RADICAL ads from the glorious 1980’s! For example:

This used to be some snooze fest from Foodora but now it’s a gnarly ad for the Power Glove biatchhhh.

Social Ads Vintage Edition 1To be fair I may have been into this ad from The Pancake Parlour but either way I’m definitely more into this vintage Airwalk ad. Dem high tops doe.

Social Ads Vintage Edition 2No hate to RL Grime but who wouldn’t prefer to randomly see an Atari in their Facebook feed like that shit is brand new.

Social Ads Vintage Edition 3This is sick. Is there anything I should be worried about? The extension seems pretty straightforward, all you need to do is allow it to modify any pages. And obviously if you like, comment or share the vintage ad you’ll actually be liking, commenting or sharing the original ad. It’s not like the likes, comments and shares are directly linked to the vintage image that you see although that would be cool. Not sure if that went without saying but either way now you know!

Grab the extension from here to suss it for yourself. And here’s one more because this thing is dope.

Social Ads Vintage Edition 4