Foryn Company • A Snow Brand Born In The Sun


Foryn Company is a new snow apparel brand created by Toby Weatherseed a 21 year old from the always sunny Gold Coast with a love for all things snow.

Now you may ask how a young guy from a place renowned for its surf and skate culture and year round hot weather ended up with the idea to create a line of top notch snow gear. Luckily we managed to steal some of Toby’s time and ask the man himself about what led to this idea and what the game plan is for this up and coming brand.


Let’s start with the obvious question here Toby, how does a guy from the sunny Gold Coast end up creating a snow apparel brand catering for the truest form of snow junkies?

It sounds crazy doesn’t it! After graduating from high school here on the Gold Coast, I moved to France for 3 years just to live in the mountains and snowboard everyday. While in Val-d’Isère during the 2015 Winter season, I decided that I wanted to create a brand and have something constructive to focus my spare time on. So this is where the initial planning for Foryn began.

So we have noticed that for now you have launched with the one product line, which is neck warmers. What was the thought behind this?

The neck warmer idea was purely due to the fact that most snowboarders/skiers wear them and they are relatively cheap & simple compared to outerwear/goggles. I wanted the product to revolve around the snowboard industry as it is something that I am passionate about, without making it too difficult or expensive to start up.


Now as we’ve mentioned you are based on the Gold Coast, does this cause you any logistical issues or do you still manage to take in plenty of snow across the year?

Being based on the Gold Coast does make it a little more difficult, however being able to send products all over the world so easily now it has not been as big a challenge as I first thought. I still managed to get a bit of time on snow. For example over the last few months I managed to make a trip to Europe and Japan and now that the Southern hemisphere winter is on the way, I am looking forward to a couple of trips to New Zealand and the Snowy Mountains.

When new brands come onto the market they say that they should always have an ‘X-Factor’ that one thing that separates them from the other brands. What is that ‘X-Factor’ for Foryn?

At the moment, The main difference would be the exclusivity! (haha)

It has been a challenge trying to compete against the bigger brands (of which there are a huge amount). However if you are snowboarding around with a Foryn Co. hooded neck warmer, just know that you’re probably not going to bump into another person wearing the same thing. Well just yet anyways!

It’s a big thing to go out and start your own brand are you pulling the strings by yourself or do you have a partner/crew behind the scenes helping you out?

This has been a project that I have been working on by my-self. Having a full time job has made it slightly difficult to find time to focus on all of the little things that come with starting a brand. The product development stage alone seemed to take forever, and it has only been the last 9 months that the neck warmers have been selling through the website. It is getting there though.


When it comes for your range, run us through what it currently consists of and if you are planning to expand this over time?

At the moment, the range consists of just 3 neck warmers in black, beige and grey. I wanted to start off small rather than over-committing and being left with lots stock which I would struggle to sell. At the moment, I am actually focusing on next years range of accessories, which will included 8 colours/pattens of a re-designed neck warmer along with a few gloves/mittens.

Smart move in my opinion, better to get the basics right before going too big. Did you have a background in product development or anything along those lines or is this your first time giving something like this a go?

To be honest I had no idea what I was doing at first. After lots of samples were sent back and forth from the manufacturers, the finished design finally came together. In saying this, in the future I will definitely do things differently to ensure that all products are 100% completed and up to scratch in a much shorter period of time. Even if that means visiting the manufacturers in person where ever they may be.

foryn company logo

That’s awesome to hear that you have essentially managed to self-teach yourself such an intricate process! So in this day and age we need to ask how valuable do you believe social media is in relation to your company and its success?

Social Media has been my main form of advertising so far. Whether it has just been though the Foryn Co. Instagram page, or having friends who are influential in the snowboarding scene give me a shoutout to help promote the brand directly to my target market through their followers. I would say that social media has played a huge part for the sales that we have made, and is a very valuable aspect to any company which relies on this style of advertising as it is a great way to hit the target market and also very cost effective.

Last but not least what is your main goal for this company going forward?

Ultimately, I would love to be able to support myself and be able to shape the brand into something that is seen by snowboarders all around the world to be a cool company that makes quality gear. My aim is to be living in Europe year-round within the next 2 years and for Foryn Company to grow into a renowned and respected brand.

Well I think you are well on your way Toby, fingers crossed it all comes together and hopefully we’ll bump into you on the slopes soon enough! 

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