Home Office Inspiration Volume 1

Home Office Inspiration - Swantje Hinrichsen

Not being able to control the appearance of your work environment is one of the big disadvantages to working for someone else. Sure you can add stuff to your desk to make it more homely or stylish (depending on what look you’re going for) but you probably won’t be able to move your desk under a window or add shelving units so your favourite books are within reach. If you work from home then you’ve got one up over us commericial office folk; you can arrange your home office however you please.

If you’re looking to set up or redesign your home office these images may provide some inspiration. And if you’re stuck working for someone else feel free to use these images to persuade your seniors to make the office more inhabitable for the sanity of everyone trapped inside.

Source: Sarah Van Peteghem
Source: Office Elegance
Source: Sarah Van Peteghem
Source: shnordic
Source: Noor Interior Design
Source: Ciara Doherty
Source: Swantje Hinrichsen
Source: Tian Jiang
Source: Charles-Olivier Richard
Source: Valentina Jarc
Source: A Design Studio
Source: bambolecidea`
Source: Noor Interior Design