The Road To Greater Confidence Begins With The Realisation That You’re A Dingus And So Is Everyone Else


I’m sure we’ve all experienced a moment where we have lacked the confidence to do something for fear of failing or looking ridiculous. Whether you’re asking someone out on a date, going for a promotion at work or publicly putting yourself out there, it pays to have confidence in yourself and without it you may find that you’re missing out on a heap of awesome opportunities and experiences.

“How To Be Confident” is a short video featuring wisdom from philosopher and author Alain de Botton, and animations by Lazy Chief. Alain explains that when we grow too attached to our own dignity we become anxious in situations where it might be threatened. This causes us to avoid situations where there’s a chance of us looking ridiculous, incompetent, dumb, clumsy, etc. Curiously it’s these situations that are often the most exciting and memorable.

So how do we overcome a lack of confidence? Alain suggests, with support from Dutch scholar and philosopher Erasmus and artist Peter Bruegel, that humans are all inherently incompetent so it’s impossible to achieve a level of being where we can avoid looking ridiculous in 100% of the situations we find ourselves in. Instead of pandering to our dignity by telling ourselves how great we are at certain things, we should all grow at peace with the inevitable nature of our ridiculousness. Basically you’re not the first person to look like a dingus and you certainly won’t be the last. People do dumb shit on the reg so a few extra embarrassing moments in your life really won’t matter, particularly when you take into account all of the extra, exciting moments you’ll find yourself in by not giving in to your lack of confidence, social awkwardness or fear of failure.

I mean, it works for Homer all the time and since TV is life you can’t go wrong.

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