Pizza Hut Simultaneously Revolutionises The Pizza Game And Shoe Game


It’s Monday night. Or actually it’s any night because when don’t you feel like pizza. Seriously the only reason you don’t get pizza is because you had pizza last night and you don’t want to get *too* fat by having it two nights in a row. I digress though. It’s another night where you’re craving pizza but fate is standing in your way. Your laptop is in your car and your car is wherever your girlfriend is (she borrowed your car for the night). Don’t have a girlfriend? Fine, it’s in the shop. You have your phone but your battery’s dead and guess where your charger is? That’s right, with your laptop in your car. You have a landline but it’s 2017 so you don’t have a phone that connects to it, you only have the landline for your internet connection, but that’s useless now. Is it time to panic and crack someones head open and fest on the goo inside? Nah bro, because you copped a pair of the Pizza Hut Pie Tops.

Whoa. Basically you can order your preferred pizza by pressing a button on the tongue of the Pie Tops. The button connects to your phone via bluetooth, sends the order to your local store who deliver it to your location. Now I realise that in my  hypothetical I said your phone is dead but don’t let that distract you from the fact that these kicks are FRICKIN’ SWEET.

Get ready for the hard, chewy crust of this article though. Although Pizza Hut are getting us all stoked on this they’ve only made sixty four pairs of the Pie Tops. These will probably go to high profile people and a few lucky fans so I wouldn’t suggest making room in your closet yet. But in saying that supply is fuelled by demand right? So with that I urge you to write to your local Pizza Hut demanding that they put these bad boys into circulation.

Pizza Hut Pie Tops
Source: Pizza Hut Youtube Channel