PLAYERUNKNOWN’s Battlegrounds Has Now Sold 4 Million Copies In 3 Months

PLAYERUNKNOWN's Battlegrounds Has Now Sold 4 Million Copies In 3 Months

PLAYERUNKNOWN’s Battlegrounds, the last-man-standing shooter released back on March 24th, has now sold four million copies according to the below tweet from Brendan Greene who is PLAYERUNKNOWN himself. This is a pretty significant achievement when you consider the game is still in development (it’s currently available as an early access game on Steam) and has had its issues with bugs, server quality and general stability.

What is PLAYERUNKNOWN’s Battlegrounds? PUBG is a last-man-standing first/third person shooter currently available on PC via Steam. Each round begins with up to 100 players air dropping onto a 8km x 8km map where they must scavenge for gear to use to defeat the other players in the game. The playing area (denoted by a white ring on the map) gradually reduces in size, forcing players closer and closer together until someone wins. There are currently three game types; Solo (teams of one), Duo (teams of two), and Squad (teams of four).

How would you rate the gameplay? I generally stick to more linear FPS games (most recently Battlefield 1) where I’m used to my ability being more important than my strategy. In PUBG strategy is everything and running-and-gunning is suicide most of the time. Your movements and gunshots are highly audible so each decision that you make needs to be carefully calculated. Because of this, and the fact that you start with nothing but your parachute, each round is vastly different which keeps the game fresh and entertaining.

My main gripe at the moment is with the movement and aiming mechanics. Because PUBG doesn’t quite know whether it’s a first or third person shooter I find that it doesn’t provide polished and fluid movements in either perspective. Saying that I expect that this will improve over time as the game progresses with its development.

Is it worth the hype? I’ve jammed a decent chunk of time into PUBG and can safely say the gameplay is satisfying enough for me to overlook the issues I’ve had with server lag, performance and getting used to the hybrid first/third person shooter mechanics. The developers are super active and have been fixing bugs and addressing performance through weekly patches, so the experience is constantly improving. For a game that’s in early access and only $40 AUD it provides a surprisingly dynamic and entertaining experience.

For the latest on PUBG check out Daniel Kayser’s chat with Brendan Greene (PLAYERUNKNOWN) from E3 2017 below. And if you’re keen to give it a crack head over to the Battlegrounds Steam page and then hit me up if you want to squad up.