Remove Creases From Your Sneakers With A Blast From a Hair Dryer

Remove Creases From Your Midsoles With A Blast From a Hair Dryer

Some of y’all like Russ Bengtson over at Complex believe that creases in your kicks are a badge of honour and that any attempt to refresh your sneakers is a waste of time, while others are keen to keep their kicks as fresh as possible to maintain that out of box look. If you’re in the later category you might be interested in this tip courtesy of Redditor Mr_JoNeZz:

Life Pro Tip: If you want the bricks on the NMD’s to look like new, just hold a hot hair dryer to it for about 1-2 minutes. They will reshape back to its retail state without the creases.

Source: Mr_JoNeZz

Mr_JoNeZz’s “hot” tip refers directly to removing creases from your NMD boxes but other Reddit users have found success using this technique on other brands and types.

PARTYxDIRTYDAN successfully removed the creases from the midsoles of his Nike Acronym Prestos.


And Redditor AXXXXXXXXA has some success doing the same thing to his Adidas slides.


So the big question, will this work for me or will I ruin my shoes? The general idea is that as the midsole/blocks of these types of sneakers are made from foam when you apply heat for a period of time the foam will expand back to its original moulded shape. When deciding if this will work for your kicks there are a few things to consider:

  • This technique probably won’t work for leather although you can remove creases from your leather sneakers with an iron.
  • Be cautious if your midsoles/blocks have been painted and not dyed during the manufacturing process (like the black boxes on Mr_JoNeZz’s NMD’s). Applying too much heat to paint can cause it to crack and flake away.
  • Avoid applying excessive heat to areas of your shoes that have been glued together.

Our advice would be to research this technique against your specific brand/model of shoe before you start. If it’s worked for others it’ll probably work for you but try it at your own risk.

Featured Image Source: Adidas Australia