Enjoy What You’re Doing And Remember To Live


“As soon as you start overthinking you find excuses not to do things. That’s probably one of my biggest strengths; not thinking.” – Soren Rickards

Soren Rickards is a lifestyle and adventure photographer based in France. In this short video by The Visuals Team, Soren talks about his journey to becoming a self employed photographer, some challenges he faced along the way and his general outlook on life. He believes that the most important things in life are to enjoy what you’re doing, go at your own pace, appreciate the smaller things that you encounter along the way, and to remember to live.

“Soren” is the first video by The Visuals Team in their series entitled “The People Project”.  “The People Project” showcases the talents of a number of individuals who have taken a leap of faith and decided to pursue their dreams instead of conforming to a more traditional lifestyle. You can keep up to date with The People Project by clicking here and following The Visuals Team on Vimeo. You can also check out Søren Rickards’ work by clicking here.