Life Continues To Thrive Underneath Birmingham’s Spaghetti Junction


Gravelly Hill Interchange, nicknamed “Spaghetti Junction”,  opened in Birmingham in 1972. The M6 motorway, A38(M) motorway, A38 road and A5127 road run through the interchange, as well as two railway lines, three canals and two rivers.

Despite the arguably undesirable appearance of the exchange many residents have chosen to continue living underneath it. Some see it as an engineering feat while others enjoy the peace and quiet created by diverting road traffic overhead. Unfortunately the junction has brought with it an increase in crime which has affected local residents and businesses but for the most part residents see it now as a part of their lives.

“Living Under Spaghetti” is the third episode in the “Lost But Not Forgotten” series, produced by The Progress Film Company. You can watch previous and future episodes of the series by clicking here and following the company’s Vimeo page.